Did you know that the average American drives a total of 20 hours per week? If you want to take advantage of this fact and increase brand awareness, read on.

Driving a wrapped vehicle around town is one of the easiest methods of promoting your brand or business. If you want to try outdoor advertising but would rather not shell out an insane amount of money for billboards or outdoor furniture, then a car wrap ad is the next best step.

Make A Lasting Impression
Car wrap advertising is one of the least annoying forms of advertising. It’s not invasive, it doesn’t make people feel cheated out of their time (unlike TV or Radio ads), and it does make a lasting impression. A whopping 90% of your intended audience will see and eventually respond to your ads so there’s no other choice but to make a lasting impact. So how do you make the most out of car wrap ads? By investing in a great car wrapping company who can give you an amazing design that will last for up to 5 years. Let’s face it, no matter how awesome your design or car wrap concept may be, if the application isn’t top notch and the car wrap easily fades or shows a lot of imperfections, you’re not going to make a lasting impression after all.

The Little Things
If you want to start small, you can go for magnets and vanity plates. Vanity plates that are directly tied to your business is a great way to initially attract some attention. Later on, you can get a customized car wrap to go with your vanity plate or your magnets.

Different Sides
If you don’t have a large fleet of vehicles to work with, don’t fret. A single wrapped vehicle is sometimes enough to attract the right kind of attention. The secret is to make sure that all sides of a vehicle do the work for you. Put your logo and contact details on all sides of the vehicle so people from all sides will know how to contact you in case they need your services.

Go Big or Go Home
Even if you’re going to wrap a small vehicle, make sure that your logo and contact details are big and can be seen from a few feet away. Now is not the time to go for timid sizes or unreadable fonts. Go for easy-to-read fonts and colors that will make a lasting impact no matter where you go.

Tie It Up With Social Media
If you have updated social media accounts, you can create custom car wraps that will intentionally leave spaces for vinyl stickers, magnets, or partial wraps. This way, you can constantly update your wrap to reflect online promos or advertisements. If that’s too tedious for you, you can simply opt to put a Twitter handle or a Facebook Page link along with your other important contact details.

A Few More Tips
Lastly, make sure that you don’t clutter your car wrap design with too many details, colors, or information. Keep it succinct. Your brand name/logo and contact details. Treat your car wrap as if it’s a moving billboard. You don’t want too many details otherwise it will get lost on your audience.