Getting a car wrap contract with a reputable company is a rewarding venture. The most striking benefit is that you get paid to drive around as you go about your daily activities. The agreement is mutually beneficial to both parties; you receive some money for agreeing to have the car wrap installed on your vehicle, and we get a chance to advertise our client’s products.

Considering that the advertising contract is favorable to you, it is in your best interests to protect the car wraps from damage. Failure to take good care of the vinyl material that makes the car wrap will cause visible damage such as developing cracks, fading, staining and eventually peeling off.

How to take care of your car wrap material

When washing your car, it is advisable to avoid using strong automotive cleaning products. Instead, just hand wash the vehicle using ordinary soap.

Wash the car on a regular basis. If you let the dirt accumulate on the surface, it will stick and will require more aggressive cleaning methods that may damage the surface of the wrap.

Ensure that fuel or any corrosive substances do not spill on the surface of the vinyl. If you pour them on the surface accidentally, you ought to use the appropriate cleaner as soon as possible.

Once you are done washing the car, you should let it air dry. If you want to dry it in a hurry, use a microfiber piece of cloth.

Whenever you purchase any cleaning products, always make a point of reading their warning labels and also the ingredients used in manufacturing.

Do not at any time apply any wax on the vinyl. The use of any wax on the car wrap leads to deterioration.

Test the cleaning material. If you wish to identify the product you will use on a regular basis, it is best first to test it on a section of the vinyl. Once you confirm that it does not damage the surface, you can proceed to use it confidently moving forward.

Some automatic car wash facilities use brushes for cleaning. You should avoid visiting such cleaning places.

Some contaminants such as bird droppings are stubborn and difficult to clean. If you encounter them, it is best to soak them in warm water before gently scrubbing them off with a soft piece of cloth.

If you observe the above rules, you are likely to keep your car wrap material in good condition.