How to Turn Your Vehicle into a Moving Advertisement


With the technological advances in printing and vehicle wrapping today, outdoor mobile advertising is becoming more powerful than ever.Several researches have already proven how significantly better vehicle wraps are compared to other forms of outdoor media. In a study conducted by The American Trucking Association, findings show that 96% of the respondents noticed ads on vehicles, 97% recalled what the ads were about, and 98%thought that the wraps created a positive brand image of the advertiser. Additionally, these moving “billboards”can alsogenerate about 30,000-70,000 impressions in a day. That’s 350,000 visual impressions in a week, and more than 18 million in a year.

Unlike other kinds of advertisements – commercials, newspaper ads, billboards – thatexpire in a month’s time, vehicle wraps can promote your business anytime, anywhere.With the low cost-per-thousand-impressions and high return on investment, vehicle wraps are considered to be the most cost-effective and influential advertising tool available to businesses.Want to experience the success yourself? Here are some tips onhow you can start with turning your vehicle into a moving advertisement:

  1. Find your target market:Based on your products and services, think about the kind of audience you want to target. For instance, if you sell toys, then of course you would want to focus on attracting children. Given this, the next step is to do market research and analysis. Ask yourself: What do children like? How do I catch their interest? For this kind of audience, a flashy, colorful ad should be more appropriate and effective.
  2. Plan the commute for your vehicle: Map your route based on what better reaches your market. For example, if you’re promoting tutoring services, then driving by schools and universities is a good idea. Likewise, if your product can be found in grocery stores, then it would be good for you to park your truck near so customers can buy yourproduct right then and there. Take note that in planning your commute, it’s better to stick to heavily populated and busy streets so that more people can see your mobile billboard. Stop lights and traffic jams will also be an advantage to you, as they give other drivers more time to look at your ad.

3.Decide on the type of wrapping: Naturally, the bigger the advertising space, the more noticeable it is, but this doesn’t mean that partial wraps won’t do. If you’re not ready to get your vehicle fully wrapped, partial wraps will work just as well for you. It only covers 25%-75%, but you can still get as much impact, and for a lower price. You may also opt to get window graphics to transform your plain window tint into exclusive advertising space.

4.Design your advertisement: Everyone knows that the secret to a great advertisement is its ability to spark general interest. Since the main goal in advertising is to attract publicity, it is important that you pay high attention to every detail of your design. You need to make one that’s eye-catching and, more importantly, memorable.

  • Identify your brand

Make sure that with one look, no matter how brief it is, your leads will be able to tell what your business is. Focus on the key elements and put them all together in a design that will get your message across in the five seconds it takes others to view your moving advertisement.

  • List contact details

No matter how good your ad is, if people are not able to know where and how to contact you for orders and details, then it’s a waste of resources. You have to ensure that with one look at your truck, your audience will know how to find you, whether that be through a phone number or a link to your website. Also, make sure that you use complementary colors, and avoid using highly-scripted fonts so that people can easily read what’s written on your vehicle, even as it is moving.


  • Draw attention

This is where creativity, coupled with a good sense of design, is essential. Balance your use of colors, texts, photos, and graphics to ensure that you don’t end up making your car look like it’s over decorated. And while a good design is very important, of course, you also need to consider your budget. Make sure you communicate your budget to the wrapping company in order to maximize your options in the most cost-efficient way.

  1. Find the right vehicle wrapping company

All of your efforts to create a great mobile advertisement will go to waste if you cannot find the right vehicle wrapping service that will accommodate your demands. It’s important that in choosing a company, never settle for anything less than the best just to save a few extra dollars. Always remember that a high quality wrap will save you more money in the long run. Cheap wraps only last for about 1-3 years, while good ones can last up to 7 years. Of course, the longevity of the vehicle wrap will highly depend on the preparation, facility, and installation process, which is why choosing the best company for your vehicle wrapping needs is veryessential.

At Car Wraps, we acknowledge the potential of vehicle wraps to reach, impress, and target customers. This is why we aim to provide excellent wrap designs and vehicle graphics to our customers. From conceptualization to completion, we’ll assist you to make sure that you get nothing but the best. Our team of professional graphic designers and wrap installers will be more than happy to work with you to determine the best wrap design for your vehicle so you can maximize on the visual impressions.With our services, we guarantee your vehicle can be fully wrapped and ready for pick up in just a matter of days! Now your mobile billboard can get going, and start getting you some sales leads.