Our car wraps aren’t just for show. In fact, they are the prime example of a product that combines both style AND substance.

One can be forgiven for thinking that the benefits of car wraps are purely visual. After all, they make your vehicle stand out among the rest of the automobile population. And also provide effective advertising for your business.

But like all great things in life, car wraps offer more than meets the eye.

Let us present some functional advantages of full body vehicle wraps:

Paint Protection

Wraps actually preserve the paint underneath your vehicle. They act as a shield against most types of harm from mother nature, including sun and rain damage.

And most importantly, vehicle wraps can be taken off at any time without leaving any marks or residue on the original paint.

Scratch Resistance

Car wraps prevent the two main types of scratches: clear coat scratches and primer scratches.

Clear coat scratches are the most common type of scruffs. They occur on the clear coat layer right above the paint.

Modern cars have this clear coat layer in order to protect the paintwork. This coating also creates a reflective effect that makes the car look fresh and new.

Damage to this layer usually comes from small stones and particles randomly hitting the car. Wraps prevent these clear coat scratches by taking the brunt of the damage before it ever reaches the coating. This way, your car will never lose its luster and can remain pristine.

Primer scratches, however, are more severe. You’ve most likely seen or experienced these scratches firsthand. They have a noticeable grey or off-white color to them. And the only way to fix primer damage is to use touch-up paint.

Luckily, our car wraps stop primer scratches from ever occurring. They absorb the impact and energy of external troublemakers — saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

We, at Carwraps.com, understand how much you love your vehicle. We handle every project with the utmost care and work to deliver a perfect product. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals who put their heart and soul into their work.

If you would like to know more about products and services, please contact us. Our friendly staff will kindly answer any questions you may have.

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