When it comes to car wrapping, choosing the right design sets you apart from your competition. If your design fails to fit your vehicle’s specifications and measurements, it won’t relay the intended message. Ultimately, your marketing will fail since consumers don’t understand your design.

The perfect vehicle wrap design differs depending on the type of vehicle you have for your business. For example, if you have a van, it will require a different design from a personal car. You also need to factor in the mobility of your vehicle when choosing a design.

For instance, if your car is always on the move, your design needs to have large fonts and visible texts that can be seen clearly in motion. Here is a guideline of different vehicle types with their corresponding vehicle wrap designs.

1. Small car

Small personal cars require a design with a small logo, minimal graphics, and modular messaging. This is because small vehicles have a smaller, angled surface area. Thus, having a large vehicle wrap design can break up your texts and images, making it hard for consumers to read.

Additionally, having minimal graphics ensures your images aren’t cut off on areas like your door handles. Always consult with your car wrapping company to make sure the placement of your design is correct.

2. Large vehicles

Large vehicles like vans and buses have a wider surface area for a large logo, text, and images. They also have a larger flat surface area, making it easy to incorporate an easy-to-read message without any text being cut off.

3. Fleet wrap design

If you have a fleet of vehicles, you can create an entire marketing campaign on them, instead of on one car. It is wise to create multiple designs for your cars to make the most out of your fleet. However, make sure there is a logo on each vehicle that informs customers of your brand.

This helps consumers in the community recognize your cars while they are on the move.

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