When it comes to vehicle wrap designs, the main infographics that form a communicative element include text, visuals, and color. Therefore, your car’s wrap design needs to use these elements interchangeably to communicate a message that represents your brand.

If you don’t choose your infographics wisely, they won’t have a powerful visual effect on your consumers. This is because they won’t be able to process the information on your wrap and understand its message.

Here are some ways you can use color, text, and visuals to create an effective car wrap design.

1. Colors

Using colors in your vehicle wrap design is vital in drawing attention and establishing a familiar identity. For example, Coca Cola is associated with red, therefore every time a consumer sees red, they automatically relate it to Coke.

However, try using bright colors instead of dull ones as they draw attention quickly. You can also use both to create contrast and to ensure your information stands out.

Colors also have different meanings, and when using them for your wrap, they need to relay an impression associated with your brand. For instance, you can use green to show your brand is eco-friendly.

2. Visuals

Photos, patterns, logos, and graphics are examples of strong visual aids you can include in your vehicle wrap. But, ensure these visuals relate to your brand and feature the main message you are trying to relay.

The wrong visuals can confuse your potential audience reducing the effectiveness of your vehicle wrap. Using repetitive patterns and illustrations can also significantly help in reinforcing your message to your audience.

3. Text

Short and precise text on your vehicle wrap provides effective and efficient communication with your viewers. The length, font size, text color, and contrast of your writing also play a vital role in how your consumer perceives your message. Therefore your text should be bold enough to be seen from a distance and contrast with your background.

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