Tired of painting your bus, van or car, or still not convinced that car wraps can be a successful marketing strategy for your company? Here are four interesting facts about vehicle wrap advertising that will greatly influence your decision to get car wraps.

Let this statistic sink in

Studies show that 95% of Americans have been reached by vehicle wrapping advertisements. Customized vehicle wraps can reach pedestrians, drivers and passengers, and one car wrap can be seen approximately 30,000 to 80,000 times throughout the day. This is great for increasing your brand recognition.

Fleet wraps can also increase your company exposure by 15% when compared to other outdoor forms of advertising.

You should look at fleet wraps as an affordable investment. You can be sure that it will prove to be worthwhile over time. Don’t be fooled! You will not be settling for a few bumper stickers. Vinyl vehicle car wraps use the highest printing techniques and vehicle graphic designs to create high-quality images that are irresistible to look at.

Vehicle wraps can reach an audience of a considerable size

Let’s see. An average driver of a company can travel more than 300 miles a day. This creates a lot of opportunities to reach out to consumers of different income levels. Whether your company’s vehicles are in motion or parked, your business will be exposed to commuters on the streets. Therefore, your vehicle wraps have the potential to generate thousands of impressions every day.

Customers react to vehicle wrap advertising

This form of advertisement appeals greatly to customers. You should know that approximately 30% of people have reported that mobile advertisements influence their purchasing decisions.

Apparently, an eye-catching advertisement gracing the side of your bus, van or a car will be a great way to turn your vehicle into a moving billboard. So the question is, why wouldn’t you choose a car vinyl wrap today? Vehicle wraps will cut down your monthly costs of printing and the placement of billboards. They can also be uniquely designed to suit your exact specifications, and can last nearly three to six years without showing any signs of wear, tear or fading.