If you are new to advertising with car wraps you may not be sure what kind of vehicle to advertise on, or if you are a car owner who is considering offering your vehicle for wrapping you could be unsure if your vehicle is appropriate. The truth of the matter is that size does matter… But not in the way that you might think. Today let’s take a look at whether bigger is better when it comes to car warps.

The Size Of The Car Should Match The Scope Of The Message

Not just any car is right for a car wrap campaign. While some wraps may have a graphical requirement of only a logo or some text, others need a meet certain requirement of square inches for a large graphic or a photorealistic picture. Based on the nature of the wrap, a small vehicle such as a subcompact (like a Honda Fit or a Minicooper) would not meet the requirements of the campaign. However, the reverse may also be true and large SUVs may not be ideal for wraps with a more concise message to convey.

It Can Be Better To Tailor The Wrap To The Car

When planning a car wrap, it may be better to start with the vehicle in mind before designing the wrap and work backward from there. Coming up with the wrap you want only to find that you cannot make it work on the available surface of the vehicle can be a frustrating experience. There are certain practicalities regarding the design choices that you will either need to embrace or find a way to work around. For example, some vehicles have a certain peculiarity of design that may need to be taken into consideration when designing the wrap, but this may present an equally unique opportunity.

Whether a large or small vehicle is better for your particular car wrap, we would love to work with you to find a car wrap advertising campaign that can benefit your unique situation. Contact Car Wraps today at 1(855)947-0909 for specifics on the art of automotive advertising.