Billboards, often situated by busy freeways or outside premises, are now a traditional part of American life. They are a proven method of attracting a prospective customer’s eye and enticing them to get in contact with a business. This can be to visit a physical location, head online to check a website, or to call a certain number.

All well and good, as far as this goes. But for all their plus points, billboards don’t go anywhere. They are static, and with this drawback, can often become almost invisible to those who pass them on a regular basis over a period of time.

How about a truly mobile billboard?

Bus wraps can undertake the same basic task as a billboard with that extra vital ingredient of motion. This means that you take your message right to huge numbers of people, rather than them having to visit it. In fact, research has shown that 96% of the public will notice bus wrap messages. They also offer great flexibility, as they can be quickly altered for changes to product lines, services, themes, events or campaigns.

Three things to know about bus wraps

1. As well as full bus wraps, you can select attention-grabbing side banners or tail graphics.

2. Bus wraps are great choices for short-term campaigns. The films can be changed both swiftly and cost effectively. This provides a great promotional opportunity for upcoming sales, public events, trade shows, exhibitions, concerts and the like.

3. For longer term promotions, a lightweight frame system is seriously durable. Our frame features the highly acclaimed 3M Dual Lock technology. This obviates the need for any drilling into the actual body of the bus itself. This frame can be applied to either the side or tail of a bus and then houses a non-adhesive banner. The real benefit is the ease with which the graphics can be altered as your specific needs change.

If you’d like to talk through the possibilities of these ‘billboard on the move’ bus wraps for your company or organization, please call our dedicated team right here in Los Angeles on 323-464-4990 for an obligation-free conversation.