Experiential marketing is all about activating the senses. You want people to touch, feel, see and smell your brand. Bus wraps help you get the buzz going before you even pull into a parking lot, helping to bring an excited audience directly to your doors.

Here are a few benefits to bus wraps in experiential marketing:

1. Wide audience reach

Every person you pass on the road could be a potential customer. Bus wraps help you reach a wider audience, whether you’re en route or stopped at a gas station.

2. Attention attraction

People pay attention to brightly colored buses on the roadway. If you are trying to stir up a conversation, plain white vans simply won’t do your duty justice.

3. Passive advertising

You’re not forcing people to listen to commercials or interrupting their programming with messages from paid sponsors, you’re simply going from point A to point B. It just so happens that you have an awesome form of advertising tacked onto the body of your vehicle.

4. On-the-go branding

You do not want to wait until you set up shop to get the experience going. You want people to be parked and waiting for you to open your doors. Bus wraps offer on-the-go branding that builds audience anticipation, whether you’re setting up an event or heading to a meeting.

5. Cost-conscious promoting

With many other forms of marketing collateral, you have a one-and-done experience. That is to say, you may print brochures, packets or sign-up sheets, but once someone picks one up, that piece of paper has done its job and won’t likely be seen by another set of eyes. Bus wraps go the extra mile, allowing you to tout about your brand without constantly printing new materials. Of course, they’re easy to change when you’re ready to put a new look on your experiential marketing campaign. In the interim, they’ll stay put and look great!

Experiential marketing is an all-encompassing technique. Build your brand better by wrapping your bus, and get ready to enjoy the social media buzz!

If you have any questions or concerns about the use and application of bus wraps, get in touch with Car Wraps today.