You’ve done the research and decided on a car wrap to promote your business. After all, studies have shown that 96% of people surveyed notice ads on vehicles. But that decision is only half the equation– what you include in the design is key to making your car wrap effective.

First, determine exactly what information you need to include. Car wraps have the potential for high impact but will likely be in motion much of the time. Don’t use sentences, and if your slogan is longer than a few words then this is not the place for it. Your brand name, relevant short catchphrase or list of services and contact information are all that is needed.

After whittling down your text to the bare essentials, graphics are another significant piece that makes a big impression. Work with a designer to ensure you have high-quality images. Ideally, they should be consistent with other graphics or photos you use on your website, social media or print advertising.

Assuming your images are top notch, consider the vehicle size and adjust accordingly. For example, the same images that would be successful on a bus wrap may not be the same that make for an effective car wrap or van wrap. Images that will be larger, such as on a bus wrap or trailer wrap, can show off lots of small detail, whereas some of that detail might get lost on a car wrap.

Additionally, if you’re going with a fleet wrap, consider the impact of the design when looking at one car and also the whole fleet at once. Depending on your brand, this could be an opportunity to make a big and bold impression, or simply show that you are reliable and consistent when every one of your vehicles looks the same.

Consider what kind of designs competitors use with their car wraps. This is your chance to add a bright color or a more interesting graphic to set your brand apart in a positive way. Imagine your vehicle next to a competitor. What will make the cars around you notice yours first?