If you are developing and designing your first car wrap, sometimes the logo or the graphics aren’t as important as the colors you choose. Advertisers have known for years that every color sends a specific and indelible message, and it is no coincidence that the biggest brands (such as Cola-Cola, McDonald’s, and Toyota) all swear by the color red. However, what color you ultimately choose to use should match your message. Let’s take a look at what your color choice will tell your audience.

The Power Of Color

There is no consensus regarding why we, as humans, have the associations that we typically hold for specific colors. However, there is ample scientific evidence suggesting that certain colors evoke certain emotions and that judicious application of color can make such response extremely likely. The most commonly known of these applications is the predominance of white on the walls of hospitals to influence patients to remain calm.

All About The Palette

Marketing professionals spend their entire lives in the lab trying to maximize the potential of these preconceptions about color. More advanced professionals can also tell you that certain pairs or groups of colors in a palette can predict the success of a movie franchise, failure of a product launch, or even the results of an election. There is some controversy regarding the veracity of these claims, but it is a pillar of visual marketing nonetheless.

What Color Should You Choose?

Here are some common color associations that you may want to consider when you are deciding how to color your car wrap imagery:

Red: A vibrant color that denotes such qualities as youth, independence, passion, and excitement.

Orange: The warm color to cheer up the consumer and remind them of happier times.

Yellow: A masculine color that is popular with automotive service and maintenance brands and evokes the outdoors.

Green: A color associated with nature and peace, but also hard work and success.

Blue: A color that is intended to communicate sincerity, honesty, and health.

Indigo: A sophisticated color that is linked with creativity and art.

Are you interested in learning more about how color choice can make or break your design for a car wrap? Contact us for a consultation and get your message out to the world.