Over the past few years, car wraps and custom car graphics have become rampant to advertise brands. Many startups and online businesses are turning to vehicle graphics to place their brands directly in front of their audiences.

However, vehicle wraps require skill, knowledge, and experience to be effective in increasing brand awareness. Thus, you can’t hire just any car wrapping company to wrap your fleet of vehicles. You need a contractor that knows what they are doing from the design and material to the production and installation.

Here are some secrets to the perfect car wrap you should be aware of as you choose a car wrapping contractor.

1. Design

The surface of a vehicle is not flat; therefore, the design you pick should fit it correctly without having the logo, message, and image distorted. Ignoring elements like your car’s curve, space, and angle will also lead to having a design that isn’t easy to read and is not easy on the eyes.

2. Material

There is plenty of low and high-quality vinyl manufactures out there, e.g., 3M and Avery. Thus, you should be careful on what you settle on for your vehicle. If you want a car wrap that lasts long and is highly durable, you should consider getting a high-quality vinyl wrap.

Combining your car wrap with overlaminate is also vital as it improves its life cycle. However, the laminate used should be cast and not calendared. This is because the latter tend to fade much faster and can form bubbles over time.

3. Production and preparation

The perfect print of your car wrap design should produce high-quality images that are sharp and vibrant. If your vehicle wrap comes out distorted dull and undersaturated, it could significantly affect the visibility of your wrap.

Additionally, the preparation process involves checking every inch of the car to ensure it is wax-free and clean.

4. Installation

Once the car is prepped, it’s now time to install your car wrap. Only an experienced contractor can correctly install your vehicle wrap as they have the right tools required for a perfect job.

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