In the new era of rideshare services competing with taxis for fares, an interesting question has arisen concerning drivers and advertising. For decades, taxi services have used their highly visible vehicle fleets to provide valuable advertising space to their patrons as a way of supplementing their income. However, rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft have been more reluctant to take advantage of this opportunity. What’s more, Uber has discouraged the practice and drivers have expressed worry that they may be deactivated for advertising on their vehicles. However, there are many reasons why rideshare services should embrace advertising on their vehicles.

Drivers are independent contractors

One of the most fundamental components of the business model of rideshare services is that drivers are not employees but, rather, independent contractors. This allows the services to operate at a very low overhead without worrying about expenses such as employee benefits. As individuals running their own business, however, the ultimate decision regarding whether or not to advertise on their vehicle should be the drivers’. Prohibiting this opportunity only hurts drivers financially, depriving them of a potential income to supplement their driving efforts at a dubious or nonexistent benefit to the rideshare service.

More distinctive vehicles are easier to find

Anyone who has ever taken a rideshare service can attest that on a busy city street it can be difficult to locate their driver, and for a driver to determine who is their intended passenger. A distinctive vehicle with a unique wrap can make the experience of identifying and beginning a ride sooner, saving both the driver and the rider time and frustration. This provides a tangible benefit to rideshare companies as well, permitting more drivers to pick up more riders over time and increase their profit margins.

Car wraps liven up a ride

Getting into a car with an unfamiliar person can be an awkward experience, but an advertising wrap can provide a necessary icebreaker that can lead to fruitful conversations between rider and driver. It also provides some peace of mind that there is an additional trusted company backing the services of the driver. Happy drivers and happy riders are the secrets to success for a rideshare service, and a price tag can’t be put on that.

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