Hearing the old adage, “you get what you pay for” can be a harsh punishment for those scorned by bad service or suffering from buyer’s remorse. A car, for example, is probably one of the most expensive pieces of property you’ll ever own. It’s important to ensure that you always have a trusted and experienced mechanic working on it when something goes wrong. When you decide to install vehicle graphics for your car, choosing a specialist experienced with car wraps is your safest bet for getting a quality service. This doesn’t always go as planned, however, and settling for the least expensive option could get you in hot water. Luckily, there’s some early, tell-tale signs that can give you some insight as to whether or not your recent car wrap will work out in the long-run.

Peeling edges

In some situations, a car wrapping company will apply a less than desirable primer to your vehicle to keep the edges of the wrap from lifting off. Unfortunately, some primers can really cause damage to both the surface of your car and the wrap itself should it begin to peel. The ideal procedure for applying a car wrap that will resist peeling is by using heat.


One of the most frustrating and obvious signs of a car wrap installation gone wrong is bubbling. It’s a very common occurrence in car wraps installed by under-skilled individuals. Although bubbling isn’t obvious immediately after a car wrap installation, it can become visible a few days, weeks or months after completion. Vinyl that has been overstretched, a post-heating debacle, and a poor choice of materials can all be attributed to the cause of bubbling. When dealing with an experienced car wrap professional, these types of issues should never occur.


If your car wrap starts to look wrinkled, this is another sign of a poor job. Wrinkling indicates your edges were squeegeed and made flat during installation, or that the final trimming process was rushed and done poorly.

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