Many small businesses are investing in vehicle wraps as a form of advertisement. They are cost effective and mobile, which means companies can target many local communities with one ad. However, car wraps can be a poor investment if not properly designed. It’s important to create a car wrap that’s eye-catching, informative and easy to read. Here are some tips for designing an effective vehicle wrap.

Begin with a brilliant brand

The brand of your company needs to be the main focus of the car wrap. Vehicle wrap companies often offer custom brand designs for clients. If you have a poorly designed brand, the chances are that a car wrap won’t do you any good. It’s vital to appeal to your niche market with a brand that is expressive and attractive.

Just say no to photographs

Photos do not represent a brand identity or the company name. Drivers have an average of about three seconds to get an impression from a vehicle wrap. If a photo is used, it usually takes up the driver’s attention for those full three seconds. This often leaves the driver none the wiser about what your company is called or what it does.

For example, a construction company may use a picture of a house on a truck wrap, but what does this really define about the company? Does it do landscaping, window installment or power-washing? Corporate chains do not need to adhere to this rule because their brand is already established. The small business owner needs to create an advertisement that explains their company in as little time as possible.

Be simple, obvious and unique

Drivers should not have to spend time figuring out the primary message of the ad. Think about the most important message you have for potential customers and find a concise way to word it. Make sure the text is eligible from a distance and not lost in the images or background colors.

Be unique by being simple. Many car wraps are boisterous and overwhelming, with too many graphics and flashy colors. These wraps are often overlooked by drivers who don’t want to be distracted by visual clutter. Stand out from the obnoxious vehicle wraps by designing something that is clean and informative.