Making the best use of your company vans, trucks, or trailers as an advertising medium allows for ongoing exposure in the places where you do business. For some, that will be in a local area where a specific service is delivered.

Alternatively, you might be undertaking a state or nationwide operation. Whichever, here are some of the benefits to be gained.

Hard to miss

Trucks and trailers are hard to miss, whether viewed by those inside looking out, or while they are undertaking journeys themselves. A professional van or other vehicle wrap stands out from many, often slightly drab, alternatives. Our team can make sure the lettering used is large enough to gain instant attention; your business name or logo prominent enough to be both noticed and remembered.

Non-aggressive advertising

Much of the advertising we are exposed to can seem to be in-you-face, even aggressive – and not everyone enjoys that experience. Truck, van or trailer vehicle wraps are much less intrusive. Yet they still ensure your promotional message hits home wherever you want it to. At the same time, wraps are an active, mobile way to promote your company or services. They can provide an impetus just through being on the move themselves!

Easy to change

Advertising on a medium such as TV is both time-consuming and expensive to produce. Wraps are much more cost-effective; being changeable to reflect different aspects of your business, add new areas, or even reflect changing times of the year.

Forever yours

If you advertise on billboards, or in newspapers, then the space you use is for a limited period. The same area can be utilized by someone else – perhaps even a competitor – in the next issue, or when your advertising period runs out. Wraps, however, are forever yours and yours alone!

A constant presence

Another plus point for the use of vehicle wraps is that they are always ‘on-duty’. This is true even if they are parked up some days. They are also seen while work is being undertaken, or deliveries completed. They may even be sitting outside a driver’s house overnight, or while he or she is on their lunch break. Unlike other media, they simply can’t be switched off; no page can be turned to hide them.

You’ll find many great examples of the power of vehicle wraps throughout our website; to find out more please speak to our expert Carwraps team.