Since the advent of the internet and the new economy, new industries and advances have made innovative ideas possible, such as what is now known as a car wrap. Car wraps are a familiar feature on the road these days, and you will often see cars adorned with this colorful and eye-catching mobile advertising.

People have been talking for a while about the attractive prospect of letting companies advertise on their own cars, and enjoying handsome payouts as a result. Popular with college students and many young people, cars with car wraps are all the rage for those trying to earn some extra passive income while looking cool.

However, there are some misconceptions about car wraps. Let’s take a look at the three most common untruths in circulation here:

1. A car wrap will damage paint. Many people have heard that they should avoid getting a car wrap because of damage to the car’s paint that can result from the materials used. In fact, car wraps do not damage paint as the paint is hard if fully cured, and the wrap is made of vinyl and adhesive chemically designed to not cause damage to paint.

2. It is difficult to remove car wraps when finished. Car wraps come off quite easily and do not damage your car in any way when removed. It only requires a little heat to remove the wraps, and when applied to uncompromised factory paint there are not any issues and they come off easily.

3. You cannot wrap vehicles that are leased. There is no legal restriction in place preventing those with leased vehicles from using car wraps. There are also no restrictions that affect automobile insurance policies or manufacturer warranties.

4. Wraps are expensive and not worth the time, trouble, and cost. In certain cases, this may be true, but usually, the ROI is substantial for many types of car wraps. It all depends on the company offering the deal.

A good car wrap company will offer their services to consumers and businesses, fitting cars with wraps for personal customization and advertising purposes. We offer consultation, design, and installation of vinyl car wraps on a wide range of appropriate vehicles.