Vehicle wrap advertisements are an excellent way to spread the word about your business. A vehicle wrap is a moveable advertisement with more visual appeal than a billboard. However, one aspect of the car wrap process many owners do not consider ahead of time is how suitable their vehicle may or may not be for the car wrap. Some simply do not provide the desirable space for the wrap to provide essential information. While all cars can receive a wrap, here are some model types best suited for wraps.


An SUV is the best way to go. The larger vehicle panels and doors make for great print real estate space. With the space provided by an SUV, you can increase the size of phone numbers and your business name.

Extended cab trucks

Every single truck model comes with dozens of trim options. However, a two door, no backseat truck can produce some problems. There isn’t much in the way of space on the door paneling. The truck bed may have some available space, but it is limited. It also reduces where another driver can see your print information. Having a topper on the truck can solve this problem – it increases the amount of space you have available for the truck wrap.

Cars you typically want to avoid

If you have two different vehicles, and one of them falls into this category, you will be best served going with the other vehicle. First, a convertible. A convertible can be an attention grabber. However, you have extremely limited space to place any suitable information. Typically, these are coupés with small panels and wheel wells taking up much of the body space. There just isn’t a ton of print space here.

The other kind of vehicle you want to avoid, if possible, is a subcompact coupé. Subcompacts are smaller to the ground, making it difficult for drivers in SUVs, trucks and taller vehicles to see. These kinds of vehicles also do not have much in the way of available space for print.