Vehicle wraps offer an innovative way to customize your cars, vans, and fleets with your own designs and branding. Whether you’re interested in van wraps, truck wraps, fleet wraps, bus wraps or car wraps, you’ll be happy to know that you have a lot of options in terms of styling and design.

To help you find the right vehicle wraps for you, this article is going to outline the most common types of vehicle wrap on the market today.

Glossy wraps

A glossy vehicle wrap aims to mimic the classic look of original paintwork on the body of a vehicle. The only difference is that the finish found on a glossy wrap is much smoother than that of a painted car. Going with a glossy wrap also gives you a huge variety of colors to choose from and neat little additions like metallic chip flakes.

Matte wraps

A matte vehicle wrap provides a unique, matte finish to your vehicle which looks gorgeous when you see it in person. This type of wrap doesn’t reflect light, so it really stands out in a crowd of other vehicles. Not many cars or trucks have a matte finish, so it is a great way to look original on the road and grab the public’s attention.

Satin wrap

A satin vehicle wrap is a middle ground between glossy and matte wraps. There is a degree of glossiness in a satin wrap, but there isn’t enough to create a decent reflection on the surface. A satin wrap looks elegant and professional when applied to vehicles, which makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to advertise their brand.

Brushed car wrap

A brushed car wrap can fall into one of two different categories: a brushed texture or a brushed material wrap. They are both eye-catching wrap designs that are unique and gorgeous. A brushed texture wrap doesn’t have a notable reflection, whereas a brushed texture does. They are both great options if you want to be noticed on the road, though.

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