When it comes to designing vehicle graphics, most customers say, “You are the experts, just do a great job!” While most designers appreciate the confidence as well as the free hand that such customers offer, there should be much more to the discussion on what makes a great car wrap design and what does not.

Here are a few dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind when designing car wraps.

Do make sure the wrap designed is inspired by your business’ logo

Every car wrap design should be done in a way that directs the focus to the business’ logo. This will take away any doubts over the company that is being advertised. Ensure that the logo has a stark contrast to the background elements to avoid confusion. Also, make sure the logo is conspicuously scaled up and front and center on the vehicle’s sides and rear – the most visible areas. Finally, everything on the wrap should be consistent with the logo in terms of fonts, patterns and colors.

Never lose your point in a sea of information

Less is more when it comes to company information on your vehicle’s wrap. The last thing your audience needs is a reading assignment. Ensure that key elements like the logo, contact, and website are included in the wrap. Remember, you want the reader to be intrigued enough to learn more about your business and products either by visiting your website or making a phone call.

Do make it an effective marketing masterpiece

It is important to keep in mind that your vehicle wrap is not just an artwork but rather a marketing piece. What is the difference? Well, a marketing piece has a clear objective with respect to the target audience and emphasizes crucial elements that address that objective. So, if most people notice your wrapped car and even love it, that may not necessarily mean they will remember who you are and what you do, let alone take action.

Don’t use low-quality photos in your car wrap

It is tempting to use your office printer to create your wraps. For instance, if you are running a catering business, you might want to use photos you took from your past gigs. Avoid this temptation, especially if the photos are not professional. In other words, never use blurry or bland photos for your car wraps. You are better off working with a professional company that understands the principles of design and advertising.

Vehicle graphics is a great marketing tool. It is pretty much a moving billboard. However, getting the most out of this marketing tool starts with working with a marketing company like Car Wraps that understands the dos and don’ts of vehicle graphic design.