Imagine you are visiting an art gallery. As you approach a painting from side-on, it attracts your attention. You stand in front of it for a while, perhaps move a little closer to admire the brushwork and detail. Then perhaps you step back to see how the impression changes when viewed from a distance. Finally, as you move away, you glance back to take in a final impression of the work. How much time has passed as you viewed this single piece of art? Perhaps a few minutes?

With your car, van, bus, truck or other vehicle wraps, it’s unlikely that those people you want to see your message, or image, will have that luxury! Yes, some may spot it in a parking lot, or in front of your business, perhaps when it’s parked while the driver is making a call or servicing a customer. But, mostly, it’s likely that your vehicle will be observed when it, or those viewing it, are on the move. Back to that gallery for just a moment: how much of that painting would you have taken in if a couple of gallery employees were walking it quickly past you on its way to storage?

Therefore, with a limited time to make an impression, it’s vital to be clear on exactly what you want the viewer to understand – or even the action you wish them to take. It’s also worth considering that some people will be viewing the rear of your vehicle, perhaps as you travel the interstate, or are stopped for a few moments at traffic lights. Therefore, the message may even be slightly different on the back compared to the sides. If you have an easily remembered phone number, and your key is to have people remember or note that and then be able to contact you – say if you offer some kind of emergency or repair service – then that may be prominent. Perhaps you wish your logo and slogan to become lodged in the subconscious of potential customers.

Whatever your objectives, it makes good sense to match those to how the vehicle graphics of your wrap will be viewed, in terms of both time and position. Our experienced team are happy to talk to you about this key element of our design and installation services. Please contact us now for a no-obligation discussion.