When trying to understand the full benefit of car wraps or figuring out how to make the most head-turning mobile display possible, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the hows and whys of advertising. It all comes down to psychology, and getting a grip on what will motivate your potential customers and clients to make the first call. It is up to you to figure out the specifics of this process, but maybe learning a few facts about the psychology of advertising can help guide you.

1. Men are less likely than women to respond to offers

Women are also statistically more likely to interact with products as well as share advertisements that they encounter on a day to day basis. Being more likely to shop in groups means that the impact of word of mouth becomes that much greater.

2. Loyalty is everything

Research has shown that customers who have built up loyalty to a particular brand are much more likely to go the extra mile for their product. While easy accessibility and great customer service are always good ways to earn a following, customers are shown to have much more patience with businesses that lack in these areas but that they have a relationship with.

3. Different types of products evoke different feelings

It may sound like common sense, but the hidden lesson here is that each business needs to discover their own rules for marketing that relate to the specifics of their industry. Are you the kind of business that is trying to appeal to your customer’s emotional or logical side? Are you tapping into their desire for luxury or their need for basic necessities?

4. Shopping is a skill

It would be incorrect to assume that anybody is a born shopper. In reality, people are conditioned to respond to ads in certain ways, to seek out certain kinds of deals, and to build value around particular types of brands. This is good news for advertisers, since it means buyers can always be trained to see things a bit differently.