Vehicle wrap marketing is common among small businesses to reach millions of customers as it is low-cost. When you use car wrap ads, your vehicle acts as a mobile billboard as it moves around the city. Designing a unique and appealing car wrap is, however, vital for it to be effective.

Many businesses throw around texts, graphics, and pictures without considering any aesthetic and technical aspects. Your ad design needs to capture the attention of customers within a short span and relay relevant information that is clear and easy to read.

Here are tips you can use to choose the right car wrap design for your vehicle.

1. Make sure it reflects your brand

When choosing a vehicle car wrap design, it should reflect your brand’s values, mission, products, and goals. The image, color, font, text, and typeface you incorporate should be sending the right brand signals to your potential audience.

For instance, don’t add pictures of dogs to your design when you sell bathroom appliances. Your design should also positively showcase your brand to build trust and loyalty among your target audience.

2. Use bright colors

Color is a vital design element as it makes your car wrap ad stand out from its competitors. Also, if your car is on the move, clients can easily spot bright colors even from a distance as opposed to neutral colors like white and brown.

Ensure you pick colors that evoke emotions related to your brand message. For instance, red evokes passion and love.

3. Bold typeface

A good car wrap design is clearly seen from a distance. Your customers don’t have to move close to your car to read your message. By using bold typefaces, you make your vehicle more visible to clients and make it stand out.

You can also add bold designs like large images to make your brand more memorable.

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