Vehicle wraps present a good opportunity for new and established businesses to sell their brand to potential clients. One of the best things about having a vehicle wrap is that it easily captures the attention of people whenever the vehicle passes by. However, great advertising requires catchy graphics and precise writing to drive the message home. Just like a stationary billboard, people will not have a lot of time to concentrate on the advert, hence the need to be precise and objective. The following are tips to help you make the most of your vehicle wrap adverts.

The business name should be clear

As much as the main aim is to make people aware of your business name, you should include a brief explanation of the kind of services you offer. It doesn’t help much if people know a company but have zero knowledge of what it does. This usually applies to companies whose business names do not clearly show what they do.

Keep the name short

The kind of graphic designs you include in your vehicle wrap should not be overwhelming. Let the business name be the main highlight of the advert, rather than other images that might draw the attention of viewers. The wrap design needs to make the company name prominent first and foremost.

Bold colors and big letters will work well

Having a car wrap design that incorporates bold colors will suit your advert. Large letters and bright colors grab the attention of more potential customers. You need to have a color that’s not seen on the road often, which means you don’t have to necessarily go for the ordinary white, gray or black colors. Always ensure that the wrap design fully covers the entire vehicle.

Use attractive, but readable fonts

Using sleek fonts can help to draw more attention to your advert. However, ensure that the font is big and easily readable, because potential customers will have only a few seconds to read it.

Follow these tips to achieve great advertising through vehicle wraps. Talk to us today for professional help about vehicle wrap advertising.

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