The proliferation of online ad blockers is the bane of a marketer’s existence – what was once a brave new frontier of generating brand recall has turned into a digital stew of frustration. Especially with the recent data gathering scandals plaguing social media platforms such as Facebook, customers are becoming more and more wary with targeted ads that intrude on their every waking moment.

According to recent surveys, digital advertising’s reputation has taken a massive blow. Who can blame the customers? Nobody likes being disturbed by annoying pop-up ads while watching cat videos on YouTube, or obnoxious dating ads that lead into various rabbit holes of weird websites.

Diversifying your advertising strategies

Although digital advertising still retains its number one spot as a marketing platform, savvy entrepreneurs have decided to combine their online strategies with non-intrusive commercials. The internet may have the greatest reach when it comes to blasting your company’s signal, but sometimes, branding methods that take advantage of physical solutions can produce surprising results.

This is where customized car wrap advertisements excel. Unlike digital ads, advertising wraps cannot be blocked by algorithms – they exist in real time and they travel across highways that ordinary pedestrians use. For jaded consumers who have gotten tired of staring at their mobile phones, a car wrap acts as a friendly nudge, reminding them of your company’s services instead of intruding upon their lives.

Studies have also shown that car wraps boost name recognition more than 15 times, with one vehicle garnering an estimated number of 30 to 80 thousand impressions per day. This is because car wraps have another distinct advantage that digital or billboard media doesn’t have – the ability to go mobile and work 24/7 with incredible efficiency. Even while parked and static, your wrapped car can still give valuable impressions.

Gain a competitive edge with Car Wraps

Car Wraps is a locally owned Los Angeles company that specializes in crafting sleek vehicle wraps for buses, trucks, and car fleets. If you’d like to take advantage of the many benefits that car wrap marketing can give, don’t hesitate to contact us at 323-464-4990.

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