Add visual impact to your vehicle by using car wraps to customize it to match your style and personality. These wraps are increasingly becoming popular because not only will your car stand out from the rest, but you can use it as an advertising medium too. Unlike the ordinary car paints, these wraps give a catchy or classy finish. There are several types of wrapping available but in 2016, these are the top trends to try out:

1) Matte finishes

The word matte is synonymous with a classic, royal, and non-glossy look. This style of finishing is quite popular among the corporate and elderly drivers who prefer sober and less shiny colors. Matte wraps attract plenty of positive reviews when compared to the other types of finishes. For instance, matte black wraps are great for giving a car a stealth look which will not be reflected by light even at night. Such a finish expresses an undeterred confidence on the road.

2) Custom graphic wrapping

In 1933, German automobile makers started using vinyl wraps on vehicles in place of the traditional auto paints. They approached KPMF, a leading vinyl manufacturer, to produce films for covering the entire bodies of cars. The custom graphic wraps entered into the market solely for advertising purposes, but they’re now commonly used for aesthetic purposes as well. This kind of car wrap is easy to apply and remove. It can also be reapplied several times.

3) Textured wraps

These types of wrappings are often used in conjunction with the others for a stylish modern look. In recent times, many people prefer textured wraps for their entire vehicles so much that the subcategory is now a category itself. This type of finish is popular among students, artists and any driver with an outgoing personality. There are excellent textures available, like a variety of patterns or leather that can give a car a distinct look. Textured wraps need more show time because they emphasize more on patterns than words.