When it comes to car wraps, one frequently overlooked aspect is their impermanence, meaning you have a magnificent opportunity to experiment with several different looks and color schemes. This permits you to do a bit of rolling market research as you feel your way towards a permanent branding solution that may one day be applied to every vehicle in your fleet.

Explore your local market

Certain communities, by way of example, may have competing sports franchises that utilize distinctive color schemes. Using one of their color palettes on one vehicle and the other one on a second unit may provide valuable market research as to which one is more popular with your own customers. It may even be that a deliberate avoidance of both options turns out to be the best overall solution. You may never know for certain unless you do a bit of experimenting.

Rolling with the holidays

Car wraps can also be used for softer approaches as well, for example, by providing some seasonal adjustments to your vehicle. By utilizing the temporary nature of car wraps, you can add festive greetings to your fleet, which will be welcomed by all, including loyal and prospective customers.

Road-test campaigns to get the right fit

Utilizing car wraps offers a way of discovering which of several competing advertising campaigns would best suit your needs. Once you have the right campaign fine-tuned, then you can go big with the ultimate winner of the contest, based on customer response. This permits you to avoid the most dreaded of all advertising outcomes: the big campaign that doesn’t win any new clients over, and instead wastes money which could well be spent on better advertising.

It is far better to find out if you are on the right track before the train of public opinion comes barreling through the station. Los Angeles is a big town with many distinctive cultures competing for attention, so it only makes sense to use car wraps to establish what works for your fleet and company. Check out our range of car wraps today.