If you run a single trailer, or a fleet, then you have an amazing promotional opportunity to make the most of. Truck and trailer wraps allow you to spread your advertising or marketing message along every single mile of every route they travel. This form of advertising is also superbly cost effective, compared to some others.

Trailers can reach the places other mediums can’t

This reach can be both physical and mental. For the first, if your trailers head out of town, even across state lines, then you are expanding your potential customer base each time a journey is made. Imagine you had to achieve such wide area coverage with other traditional media choices. How many local TV or radio stations, or local press outlets, would you have to purchase advertising from to achieve this level of geographical reach?

In terms of reaching the minds of potential customers, you know that only part of your target audience will catch any promotion on other media you might use. Yet many will not see TV ads, hear radio ones, read that paper or magazine. But, when your promotional message is both out and about, and also in motion and always visible, so many people will have chances to notice it.

Coverage from the general to the specific

When creating your vehicle wraps to make the most of the visibility of your trailers (or trucks), you might simply settle for a single powerful and eye-catching design and strong message, building up a consistency of impression wherever you happen to be. However, if you have vehicles which undertake a regular and specific journey plan, you might consider making them more personal to the areas they will visit – while ensuring such amendments remain part of an overall and cohesive promotional theme. Equally, if your target market is within a confined area of several towns or suburbs, you might find a chance to list them as part of an overall design. People do love messages that are personal to the areas where they live or work!

How we can help

Trailer wraps are proven to offer genuine mileage for each marketing dollar you spend. And such vehicle graphics are long-lasting for a single outlay – unlike so many other promotional possibilities. To discuss the possibilities for your trailers, talk to our Carwraps experts here in Los Angeles now on 323-464-4990.

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