Having a vehicle wrap that pops is the natural goal of every business. Your graphics must stand out to catch the eye of potential customers, build your brand and signal a call to action. It’s not, contrary to popular belief, bright colors or flashy graphics alone that make a wrap shine. In fact, a design that looks amazing on paper can be too busy on a moving vehicle. Colors can blend together, losing your details and your audience in the process.

Before you consider your final vehicle wrap design, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Keep it simple

Your design is going to be moving, so less is definitely more here. Think simple and straight to the point: you want to capture attention and share a message. Too many colors, words and other details will get in the way.

Consider your colors

Color affects meaning, so the wrong hue could change your message and not in a good way. Yellow, for example, tends to be associated with happiness, so it’s not the ideal choice for a funeral home but is suitable for places such as retail stores and family restaurants. Choose colors that work well within your design and that are appropriate for your brand and your message.

Know what you need

A full wrap might work in your case, but a partial or even decal work may also suffice. Think about what you want to communicate and your budget limitations as you weigh up your options.

Aim for something fresh

A basic design pattern is a solid starting point, but you shouldn’t copy what other people are doing. Have fun with your design and try to infuse some originality so it stands out for the right reasons. Ask yourself if your design expresses who your brand is and if it’s memorable. If it’s not, it’s time to head back to the drawing board.

If you’re still stuck on your design, don’t hesitate to speak to your car wrap provider for guidance. They will help you get your design to the place it needs to be before it’s unveiled to the world.