You may have all the ingredients for a succesful car wrap campaign on the ready: high quality wrap, a great company to install your chosen design, and a good car wrap design that will surely turn heads. So why is it that you’re getting the same amount of customers and inquiries? Wraps aren’t converting to Facebook likes or increased ROI? You may be missing something. Overthinking some aspects but not focusing on the basics as well. So for a recap, here are the three things you have to focus on when it comes car wrap advertising.


Branding is all about consistency. It’s about choosing a great logo that epitomizes and succintly wraps up the whole meaning of your brand. If you’re the owner of a food truck business, you could perhaps try a logo that will help customers associate you with a certain specialty or type of food. If your food truck business’ name is the name of a person (say, Auntie Mae’s) then you can go with a logo that is the exact rendering of the real Auntie Mae. If it’s the first time you’re having a wrap printed, then now is the time to rethink your brand identity. Once you have a vehicle wrapped, it’s going to be the one thing that locals in your neighborhood will associate with your actual business.


What’s the difference between marketing and advertising? Some people think that marketing is simply the umbrella term and advertising is part of marketing. The truth is that, if you have a clear definition of the two terms, it’s easier to create goals for the long haul. Marketing is yes, the general term. When it comes to car wrap advertising, you want to be doing BOTH marketing and advertising. Why? Because marketing is a more personal, scientific, and subtle approach that works better for small-large scale businesses who want to target the local demographic. Social media campaigns, websites, email marketing, and using bloggers and social influencers — these are all part of marketing. Any company worth their salt will make use of all of these and more.


Advertising is all about using the big guns. This is where billboard and car wrap advertising comes into play. The good thing about car wrap advertising is that it’s the cheapest advertising method there is. Not to mention that you need not rent a billboard space, your ad will continue to entice people for up to 5 years (if you know how to maintain a wrapped vehicle), and you’ll be able to reach a lot of people in just one day.

Final Tips

As for analyzing results, it will depend on the details you use. Did you use a Facebook page (or a Twitter page, for that matter) or an actual address? Did you also include a telephone number? Before you roll out your newly wrapped vehicles, assess how many calls you get in a week, how many Facebook likes, and Twitter follows. If there’s an increase in followers or calls, then you could say that the wraps are not only effective but deliver tangible results as well.

Now that you’ve re-assessed all the other ingredients necessary for a successful campaign, it’s time to go to a reliable car wrap company that will do justice to your brand.