How well do you know your target customer? These people might already use your products or services now, or have a good reason to do so in the future. A list of your potential customers may include:

+ Commuters traveling to or from work

+ Business executives driving to appointments

+ Inner-city commuters using Los Angeles bus services

+ Individuals or families walking around their local suburbs

We’ll stop there, though we could offer many more examples to those shown. They could all be brought together under a general heading of ‘people out and about’.

Not the best for traditional advertising

These people, in such situations, are not likely to be closely concentrating on reading newspapers or magazines. They are more likely to be listening to a podcast or playlist than the local radio and are certainly unlikely to be watching TV! So, for a lot of potential customers, for a fair bit of their day, traditional advertising formats simply don’t hit the mark.

Vehicle wraps – advertising that’s on the move – just like your customers!

Car, van, truck, or bus wraps are a terrific way to take your advertising to where your customers are. Your business might be city-center based, cover local suburbs, or be state or even nation-wide. This means that your vehicles are covering any area where you can find new customers or connecting with current ones to keep your business front of mind.

Keeping your message clear and vibrant

Vehicle wraps, from a single vehicle to complete fleet coverage, is about half the cost of a typical vehicle paint job. They are much easier to replace when you want to change your promotional message or business information. Vehicle graphics last well and protect the surface of your vehicle from those infuriating scrapes, small dings, or damaging marks.

Incidentally, you might opt for a complete vehicle wrap. Equally, you might prefer, or need, only partial surface coverage. For example, you may go for a single information stripe to stand out as your vans or trucks move about your customer catchment area.

How could car or vehicle wraps work best for your business?

For more information, talk to our highly-experienced carwraps.com operatives. We’re ready to take the time to fully understand your requirements and only then offer suggestions for stunning vehicle wrap possibilities…