For years, businesses have been using car and truck wraps to advertise and make their fleet stand out from the thousands of cars drivers see on the road every day. Car wraps are good for drumming up new business, but they can also be used to make your personal vehicle stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve ever driven down the streets of Los Angeles, you’ve probably noticed vehicles with matte paint, a custom graphic, or a cool paint color you haven’t seen anywhere else. If you’ve ever wished your car could stand out like that but didn’t want to commit to a new, permanent paint job, you should consider a custom car wrap.

Why a wrap?

There are lots of benefits to wrapping your car instead of painting it. First, it isn’t permanent. Trends come and go and three years from now you may be wishing you could turn back time on your sensible white SUV painted purple. With a wrap, you simply get it removed when you’re ready for a change. There also are an infinite number of possibilities for the design of a car wrap. If you can imagine it, your car can be wrapped in it.

Wraps also help you maintain your car’s value since you aren’t changing the manufacturer’s original paint job. This is great for resale when you decide it’s time for a new vehicle. They also protect resale value by protecting your car. Every inch of the surface of your car is covered by the vinyl which keeps it safe from the weather and other hazards.

In addition to these benefits, the maintenance of a wrap is easy, especially compared to custom paint jobs like those that use matte paint. And, when you finally decide you’re ready for a change, the removal is simple.

If you’ve ever considered painting your car, you should look into a wrap. It’s long lasting, temporary and easy to care for. A new car wrap can help you stand out in the best possible way while you’re making it through your daily commute.