There are so many ways to advertise, but one of the best ways is on your vehicle itself. You can drive around the area you want to market in and you can easily attract a crowd that will love whatever you plan on selling. Everyone who sees your car or truck will immediately think about your business.

Although this method of advertising is one of the most effective, you have to be careful not to fall into certain pitfalls when using it – primarily regarding how flashy your design is. The mistakes you can make with vehicle graphics are serious, but if you take some simple steps, you will be able to avoid them.

Flashy graphics are far too distracting

The most common mistake people make with vehicle graphics is using excessively flashy graphics. When you try to display extremely complex visuals to people, they may very well confuse people and hide the message you’re trying to send. This is why most vehicle ads are meant to be simple in order to avoid the common distractions that can spell the kiss of death for vehicle wraps. You don’t need to pick something overdone in order to let your audience know you understand what they want and how to reach their needs.

Customers won’t pay attention long enough to notice

When you drive by potential customers, they’re going to pay attention to your vehicle for a rather limited amount of time. During the few brief seconds they notice your vehicle they won’t be able to notice every single fine detail. This is why flashy vehicle graphics are a waste of time for most clients. Better to focus on giving customers something that registers but doesn’t try to pound too much into their head.

Flashy graphics don’t scale well

It’s generally going to be more expensive to create a campaign when you have to have complex graphics added to each vehicle. Generally speaking, it’s undesirable to try to use flashy vehicle graphics for numerous cars. The cost of applying them to multiple vehicles far exceeds the actual value you will receive on your investment.

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