If your business has a number of vehicles that are out and about in your customer catchment areas, are you making absolutely the most of the advertising and promotional opportunities they present? We know that people notice vehicle wrap messages: an American Trucking Association survey found that an astonishing 97% of respondents recalled an ad seen on a test vehicle.

It’s also true that fleet wraps offer a cost-effective and long-term advertising opportunity. A one-time outlay, added to regular care and cleaning, can see them clearly and consistently deliver your key message for up to five years. This compares really favorably with so many once-only advertising options.

The single greatest advantage for small and medium sized fleets

Think of the delivery vehicles and trucks that you notice on a regular basis. One obvious example is the leading courier companies; another is those delivering famous brand name products. Over time, you see these vehicles on such a regular basis that the thought of choosing the products or using the service they offer often becomes ingrained in your sub-conscious.

Wouldn’t it be great if the same could happen for your business? This is where identical fleet wraps, even on a limited number of vehicles, come into their own. Unlike national (or even international) companies you’re likely to be operating in a much smaller catchment area in and around Los Angeles.

This means that a smaller number of vans or trucks will be still be seen, noticed and recognized on a regular basis – sub-consciously building up the size and importance of your business in the minds of those regularly exposed to your fleet wrap message. Your business can be spotted driving around different residential neighborhoods, or parked outside key business locations.

Then, when the time comes to make use of the products or services you supply, your name (and that striking and consistent image) is likely to be front-of-mind when such a choice is to be made by your potential customers.

How can we help spread your fleet message?

At CarWraps.com, our experienced team can discuss how best to use our many great fleet wrapping possibilities to consistently deliver your key message into your specific marketplace. It pays to take the time to discuss how your business can be well noticed just where it needs to be seen…