A template is a shape or pattern that is used to make the exact same shape or pattern in other pieces of material. You might use an alternative word to describe this too: copy. Now, if you are making metallic plates, tools or the like, this is an excellent idea.

But it’s not always a wise choice

The idea of a creative design is to make it both unique and completely relevant to the company or organization using it. This is why just sticking to standard templates is not always a great idea for car, bus, van or truck wraps. Yet, many providers might simply try to push you to use their standard templates; often as a quick (we might say lazy) way of offering a design for your business vehicles.

But, as previously mentioned, templates do suggest a copy. So, do you want your vehicle wrap to be confused with others already out there using the same – or very similar – designs? One key to their effectiveness is to provide a unique level of recognizability.

That’s the power of customized vehicle wraps

Our Car Wraps team has wide experience of what works in the field of design. This expertise can then be married with the unique needs of your company or organization to present your key promotional messages in an eye-catching and memorable way.

This is much more than simply having a recognizable or prominent logo – although that’s obviously of key importance. Our experts take time to consider the design of your company vehicles and then work out how best to present all aspects of the promotional message you want your audience to be regularly exposed to.

Promoting your business through that marriage of form and function

You might wish to deliver your vehicle wrap messages in Los Angeles, or perhaps state or even countrywide – or to target the key suburbs or neighborhoods where you find your customers. Whatever your needs, we take the time to understand your audience as well as your operations.

Delivering a creative form of promotion, one that is also functional in meeting your technical requirements, offers the best chance of being seen in exactly the way you want to be – and just where and when your message needs to appear.

To find out more, please contact our team for an obligation-free discussion of your unique vehicle wrap promotional requirements…