Newspaper editors have always known this simple truth: make your headlines local for maximum impact. Many years ago, when the world’s newspapers were full of the passing of Charlie Chaplin, and talked glowingly about his career and the impact he had made, one small Scottish newspaper ran their story with the headline: Moray was dead comic’s favorite holiday spot. Localization at work!

The same principle holds true when promoting your business through the use of our stunning car, van, truck or bus wraps. People will react positively to any reflections on the area where they live or work. Therefore, as you think through the possibilities for your vehicle graphics, take a moment to consider how you might incorporate this more intimate aspect.

If your business operates in a clearly defined area, then you could use a map as a background image to your message. Equally, if you cover only a few towns, counties or suburbs, you might be able to list them in print large enough to be noticed by potential customers for your business.

Another possibility is to incorporate the location into a simple slogan or selling message, such as: ‘Serving xxxx county for over forty years,’ or ‘Trusted by three generations of xxxx families.’ These two examples also have the added benefit of showing your commitment and constancy over a period.

An alternative for providing this localization element could be to use one or more prominent landscape or cityscape features as an illustration. Some companies will also hire a much-loved local sports or entertainment personality to help promote their business. If this is true of your organization, then their image, in photo or even cartoon form, could be added to your graphic design, perhaps with a speech bubble to emphasize a key benefit of people making your business the obvious choice when they need the products or services you provide.

The end result of such choices should be to bind your business as closely as possible to the community it serves, and enhance your reputation as it does so. People will see so many national or anonymous vehicle designs flashing past their eyes each day. This way, you have a chance to suddenly engage their brain by presenting an important, but local, message.